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Dark malt and Rye Roggen Brot

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A truly authentic European loaf made for the bread lover within. It is made using Dark roasted malt,  Rye sour levain, kibbled purple wheat, kibbled rye, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, rolled malted wheat flakes, kibbled soy, linseeds oat flakes and rye bran. It has a distinctly dark malt flavour and sweetness from black strap molasses. Try it toasted with your favourite jam or with cheese. There are no added preservitives in this all natural beauty.
Rye flour Wheat flour, kibbled rye, kibbled purple wheat, sunflower seeds, rolled malted wheat flakes, linseed, oat flakes, molasses, wheat bran, kibbled soy, triticale, sesame seeds, yeast, iodised salt.  
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